New Features For Conquer Online 3.0: Kingdom War Detailed

With Conquer Online's 3.0 update, Kingdom War, only around a month away players might be beginning to wonder what exactly is in store for them. After all, the update has already launched on the Chinese server and that server's audience has "found it was a great stage to display their own battle power." In a press release sent out today, TQ Digital aim to answer some of the burning questions players might have about the new update.

The Kingdom War is a global PvP event that revolves around players coming together to fight for control of Guilds, Unions, and Kingdoms. But what exactly is a Kingdom? A Kingdom is comprised of the strongest Union from a Kingdom War event. The leader of the Union earns the chance to become a Monarch and, once accepted, that server will become an "independent Kingdom." Each server will have one unique Kingdom ruled by an Emperor, two Prime Ministers, and four Generals, among others that have sworn loyalty to the Kingdom.

At this point, you're probably wondering what being in the ruling party of a Kingdom does for you. There are several "powerful features" that are open to the Emperor. He is the "sovereign power" with "absolute rule over all"—except during Kingdom Wars, of course. The Emperor can "nominate and appoint important officials, imperial guards and imperial harems." The Emperor can also issue Leader Tokens, Stipend Tokens, and Shift Tokens. Those appointed to the groups above can "draw daily benefits and welfare." Should the Emperor have a power trip, (s)he can even wage war against other Kingdoms, kill their Generals, and take their Emperor's throne.

Players will also be able to unlock "Tempest Wings," the "last talisman in the world of Conquer Online" by completing a specific quest. Not quite as big of a reveal as the above features but they do sparkle!

Keep an eye out for the update to launch next month or head to the official website for more information.