New Ghostblade And Enchantress Advancement Classes Now Playable In Dungeon Fighter Online

dungeon fighter online fifth destiny bannerNeople has just introduced a pair of new Advancement Classes to their anime-themed beat ‘em up game, Dungeon Fighter Online. With the release of The Fifth Destiny update earlier this week, male Slayers now have access to the Ghostblade advanced class and awaken into Yaksha and later into Rakshasa.

“The Slayers are the swordsmen doomed with the Ghost Arm. They each resist their curse in their own way, but in the end, they all meet the same fate: death. But sometimes, a miracle happens to a dying Slayer. The Ghostman Syndrome.

A ghost would enter his body while it's in stasis between life and death, sharing the body with his own soul. Those who got caught up in such a bizarre twist of destiny become neither alive nor dead. Their body would turn ash gray with their Ghost Arm looking just as faded. They look as ghastly as a ghost, with no trace of life left in them. But still they would go on, swinging their swords. They're called the Ghostblades.”

Female Mages also get a new advancement class in the form of the Enchantress. They can then awaken into the Black Maiden and then into Hekate.

“The Forest of Dolls. It's the dark forest in Bronx, and it's known as one of the most dangerous areas in Pandemonium. Unlike the fairly natural forests in Central Park, this one is created by magic, with trees that are more like deadly magic traps than benign vegetation.

The witches living in the center of this forest don't stop curious explorers from entering their forest. Instead, they watch as those uninvited guests drive themselves to ruin. Is your life suffocating you like poison in the air? Then, go to the Forest of Dolls as your last resort. Perhaps those capricious Enchantresses take a shine on you.​”

Neople is currently running a power-leveling event called Highfive to celebrate the release of the new classes. Simply create a Ghostblade or Enchantress event character and power-level your way to level 95 for a chance to get up to 2 Super Tayberrs Armors and 3 Tayberrs Armors. Players will get a variety of rewards and buffs upon reaching certain levels and will also get access to Fast Leveling Dungeons to help you reach the goal. The event runs until September 3rd.

Check out the videos below for a more detailed look at the new advancement classes. You can also visit the Dungeon Fighter Online official site for more info.

Character Intro Cinematic: Ghostblade

Male Slayer Advancement: Ghostblade

Character Intro Cinematic: Enchantress

Female Mage Advancement: Enchantress