New Riot Games Title Revealed - Teemo's Adventure

Several sources covering the Chinese gaming market bring us a very interesting story this morning. A new PC title called Teemo's Adventure has been approved for sale in China. The official statement, screencapped by Mr. Ahmad, lists Riot Games and Tencent as the developer/publisher.

Teemo is one of the most iconic champions in League of Legends. While there has been no official announcement yet, it is not unheard of for games to be revealed in this fashion. On occasion, ratings boards publish ratings for unreleased titles. Its about time Riot Games earned that 's' in their name!

Last year Riot Games purchased Radiant Entertainment, the studio behind fighting game Rising Thunder. It is unclear whether Teemo's Adventure was developed by Radiant Entertainment, but the Chinese source of the reveal suggests otherwise. It is more likely that a local, Chinese studio under Tencent developed the title with Riot's supervision. The game is listed as a single player game that can be downloaded online.

There are currently no images available for the game. We'll update the story as it develops.

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