Nexon Announces MapleStory Universe, Includes Play to Earn Games

Speaking at the 2022 Nexon Developers Conference, Nexon COO Kang Dae-hyun announced a slew of new MapleStory related games under the shared umbrella 'MapleStory Universe'.

Part of the plan includes MapleStory N, a blockchain powered MMORPG where players can earn in-game items that can be turned into NFTs and traded with other players for a fee. Players can earn these items by killing monsters and completing challenges. MapleStory N is coming to PC and mobile platforms.

More interestingly, Nexon is also releasing a game called MOD N, a sandbox style game where players can create minigames using MapleStory assets. Creators will be able to use NFTs earned via MapleStory N or even non-MapleStory NFT assets to freely create custom minigames. The concept is similar to both Minecraft and Roblox, but with the added blockchain/NFT elements.

Popular MapleStory Youtuber Coppersan provides highlights from the announcement including video clips of the upcoming titles, check out his video below:

MapleStory Universe Announced! | New MapleStory Play to Earn Games

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