Nexon's Q2 Earnings Published, Year-Over-Year Increase

Earnings for Nexon's second quarter, which ended on June 30th, have been published. The highlights of this quarter include a 42.7 billion yen increase in revenues, bringing them to a 16% increase year-over-year, a 10.2 billion yen increase in mobile revenues, a 32.5 billion yen increase in "PC online game revenues," and an 11.3 billion yen increase in operating income, due largely in part to Dungeon and Fighter's performance in China. Net income is 13.0 billion yen, which is said to be up 3.2 times year-over-year. This outperformed their expectations and was attributed to foreign exchange gains and low tax expenses.

Other highlights of the report include the fact Dungeon and Fighter and Sudden Attack contributed largely to the increase in revenue in Korea, whereas mobile games like DomiNations saw increases in North America. It is noted that an increase in marketing expense following the launch in North America contributed to an overall loss for the region. President and CEO of Nexon Owen Mahoney also boasts a "strengthened [...] relationship with Electronic Arts through PC online games Need for Speed Edge and Titanfall," claiming that "Nexon is the partner of choice for developers seeking free-to-play expertise and an online publishing platform around the world."

Following revenues this quarter largely exceeding expectations, Nexon expect third quarter revenues to be in the range of 46.3-49.7 billion yen, with net income in the range of 12.9-15.3 billion yen.