Next Week’s Anthem Update Will Remove Forge Loading Screen And Introduce More Loot Changes

anthem xl javelin adaptMore changes are coming to Anthem according to Wednesday’s developer livestream. BioWare will be rolling out Path 1.0.4 next week which includes a number of highly-awaited content and more loot changes.

“Loot Changes:

  • Bosses still have their guaranteed Masterworks as normal
  • Can also drop legendaries in any GM level, with better chance in higher GM levels.
  • Legendary chance is rolled for each piece of loot.
  • Loot drops for chests above GM1 improved
  • Chance for Masterwork embers to drop from bosses and chests”

The upcoming will also introduce Random Daily Legendary Missions, Javelin buffs, improved Salvaging and Inventory sorting, and the removal of the Forge loading screen. Players can now enter the Forge from anywhere in Fort Tarsis without the annoying loading screen.

The patch also brings with it a number of much-needed bug fixes. These include fixes for the HP and the pilot data error bugs. The devs also revealed future content including radar waypoints, improved player communication, Luck stat, and a Stat screen.

You’ll find a detailed list of the upcoming and planned changes on the complete stream notes on Reddit. You can also watch the full livestream after the jump.