Onigiri Out Now On PS4 And Xbox One

After a few odd delays, Onigiri has launched PS4 and Xbox One. CyberStep's anime-influenced action MMORPG launched on Xbox One last Friday whereas the PS4 version just hit today. CyberStep are promising the same "action-packed gameplay and thriving community" as the PC version. Not many console-specific features have been added on top of the PC version's feature set, but the PS4 version can be played in 3D for those that have the required hardware.

Unfortunately, it seems that the three platforms the game is on all play on different servers. While games that provide a cross-platform experience on consoles are uncommon, it is nice to see MMOs like Final Fantasy XIV provide one. It is free, nonetheless, and if you have a few friends with the same console that you can group with, now seems like the perfect time to join the game.