Onigiri's First PS4 Content Patch Brings New Zones And New Dungeons


Onigiri's console versions have been off to a rough start since they launched almost 6 months ago, but the first content patch is finally here—on PS4, at least. The patch introduces several new zones, including "the beautiful hot springs of Kusatsu" and "the dank sewers of Edo." A new story arc leads players through the new zones, "[testing] the bounds of [their] friendship" in the process.

More than a dozen dungeons have been added alongside the new zones. The new dungeons are "concealing enemies who will test our heroes to their limits." New quests are available for players to complete in the new dungeons.

This update also raises the level cap to 110. An assortment of new weapons and magic spells can be used, affording more character customization than before. Some new outfits and accessories also made it into this patch.