[Update] Onigiri PS4 Apparently "Will Not Be Released Before Xbox", PS4 Version Launching On October 6th

Yesterday, we reported that Onigiri would be launching today on PS4 after spotting it in this week's edition of The Drop on the Playstation Blog. After posting that article, a PR representative from CyberStep followed up with me to let me know that it would not be launching today after all. You may have noticed this if you attempted to search for the game on the Playstation Store.

In fact, he followed up with a statement that "The Sony port will not be released before Xbox so Sony's version will definitely be delayed to ensure they synch up." Previously, it had been announced that Onigiri's Xbox One version would be launching on September 9th. Perhaps today was the original launch date for the PS4 version and Sony did not remove it from The Drop as planned. As for when the Xbox One version will be released, they are "still waiting on a concrete release date."

Update: The PR representative from CyberStep followed up with more news. The PS4 version is now scheduled to be launched on October 6th. The launch date of the Xbox One version will be announced tomorrow. However, based on what has been said, the Xbox One launch can't be more than a week away.