Overwatch Anniversary Celebrations Start Today, Play For Free Until May 28th

overwatch heroes poseTime really does fly when you’re having fun. Overwatch is turning three years old this week and Blizzard Entertainment is celebrating the occasion by hosting a week-long free play event. The event kicks off today and will run until May 28th. But, wait there’s more! Blizzard will also be dropping anniversary-exclusive content which will be available to all players, even those playing for free.

This year’s anniversary celebration will feature the return of all past seasonal brawls including Storm Rising. Players can also look forward to a new Anniversary Lockbox which contains past event skins, new dance emotes for Ashe, Baptiste, and Wrecking Ball, three Epic skins, and six new Legendary skins. The anniversary event kicks off tomorrow and will run until June 10th. Happy 3rd Anniversary Overwatch!