Overwatch Devs Publish Baptiste Q&A Ahead Of His Official Release Next Week

overwatch baptiste launcherBattle-hardened combat medic Baptiste, will be making his debut as the 30th Overwatch character next week. The new healer has been playable on the PTR since February and will be making his way over to the live servers on March 19th. The announcement was made by Blizzard Entertainment in a Twitter post yesterday.

Baptiste is the 7th and latest support character to join the Overwatch roster. Armed with a dual use Biotic Launcher, Baptiste can deal damage to enemies or lob healing grenades at his allies as the need arises. He can also trigger a heal-over-time ability called Regenerative Burst and an Immortality Field to prevent his allies from dying. His ultimate, Amplification Matrix, doubles the effects of allied damage and healing projectiles.

Did you know that Baptiste speaks Haitian Creole as well as French? He’s also long-time friends with Sombra who’s constantly looking out for the medic even after he parted ways with Talon. Oh, and he’s favorite foods are Pork Griot and Lalo.

Want to know more about the ex-Talon medic? Check out the developer Q&A post on the official forums. You'll also find a pair of Baptiste-related videos below.