Overwatch eSports League - Twitch Deal Worth "At Least $90M"

overwatch league logo

A last minute deal was finally struck between Activsion Blizzard and Twitch for broadcasting rights to the newly created Overwatch League just 1 day before matches begin on January 10th. While no financial details of the deal were disclosed, SportsBusinessDaily is reporting that the deal is worth "at least $90M" which would make it the biggest exclusive eSports broadcasting deal in history (The terms are comparable to the $300M Riot Games / MLB deal announced in 2016).

eSports is clearly becoming business, especially when Twitch is willing to fork over $90m just for broadcasting rights for the game. eSports tournaments used to be a way for game developers to market their games, but it's quickly becoming a real revenue source for game companies.

The first game of the Overwatch League begins tomorrow, January 10th, 2018.