Overwatch Is Keeping Capture The Flag... Err Rooster


Overwatch rung in the Year of the Rooster with a capture the flag game mode, and it's not leaving once the festivities end. Brawls typically run on a finite schedule, such as Lúcioball. But not CTR.

"We don’t want that excitement to end, so we’re bringing Capture the Flag to the Arcade as an ongoing game mode," reads an Overwatch PTR update post. "Starting today, we’re adding Capture-the-Flag versions of Nepal, Lijiang Tower, Ilios, and Oasis, which gives you 12 maps to try when creating a Custom Game."

So now, on the PTR at least, the CTF game mode has been expanded to include 12 maps, and once any kinks are worked out the mode will make its way to the official servers.

The upcoming PTR update will also make numerous changes to heroes, as usual, but there will be significant changes to Bastion, including repairs on the go, bullet spread decrease, increased magazine size, and more. We'll see if all the changes hold up.