Overwatch Summer Games Starting Early This Year, New Hero Coming, & Enhanced Anti-Cheat Measures Implemented

overwatch groupGame Director Jeff Kaplan lets fans in on what to expect from the online shooter over the Summer in a new Overwatch Developer Update video. Of particular note is the announcement that the Summer Games will be starting earlier than expected this year.

Unlike previous iterations of the event, this year’s Summer Games will also come with weekly challenges which will give players the chance to earn epic skins over the course of the three-week event. “We think some of the changes to how we distribute skins and how you get them will be much more compelling and you’ll enjoy that a lot more,” said Kaplan. “Look forward to that and other little changes coming to Summer Games and the schedule.”

The Game Director also reveals that they’re currently working on the game’s 31st hero. “Hero number 31 is going to be awesome, but he is going to be released a little bit later than you’re used to.” And yes, the emphasis on “he” was intentional.

Players can also look forward to small quality of life improvements such as subtitles and enhanced cheat detection. The improved anti-cheat system will automatically shut down a match when cheating is detected. Cheaters will also be slapped with harsher penalties as part of the new system.

Watch the full update video below.