Past Fate Eyes Early Access Launch In August, Previews A Good Hour Of Gameplay

past fate open world mmorpg hooded high ground

Over the past few years, we’ve been keeping one eye on Past Fate, an open-world medieval fantasy MMORPG developed by Finnish indie development studio Icy North Games. The studio tried but failed to secure funds through a $15,000 Kickstarter campaign but bullishly soldiered on with the game’s development. They eventually got the funding they needed in a second Kickstarter campaign that netted them just a little bit more than their $25,000 goal.

Since then, Icy North has been pushing out regular updates as it slowly works to get the game ready for public release. That may be happening as early as next month as the studio announces their plans to launch the game into Early Access on Steam next in August in an interview with YouTuber kormakrtv.

The developers also talked about their design goals, features like crafting and PvP, and showcased a good hour or so of actual gameplay footage. You can check all of that out in the full video interview below.

PAST FATE| Dark Souls inspired Medieval Fantasy MMORPG DevTALK