Path of Exile's Delve League Update Includes Graphical Improvements

While Path of Exile always look good for an ARPG, it's great to see Grinding Gear Games continually upping the game's graphics over the years. With the launch of the Delve League on August 31 which introduces a new infinitely scaling dungeon called the Azurite Mine, Path of Exile is also upping its graphics game by adding new lighting and shadow elements.

“Previously, the game engine didn’t support point light shadows at all, but in Delve league we really wanted to introduce the moving light mechanic of the Crawler which wouldn’t work without them,” GGG says. “This is when we had the idea of using screen space shadows as a very fast way to render shadows for many point lights on screen at the same time. […] This approach ended up even better than we were expecting. The game looks a lot better lit from lower down and it’s faster for many lights than conventional shadows. We plan on using this in the main game a lot more in the future.”

Check out the official trailer for the Delve update below:

Source: Path of Exile Forums