New Incursion Rooms Coming To Path Of Exile With Update 3.3.1

path of exile tzamoto incursion newsPath of Exile Update 3.3.1 is due to roll out later today and will introduce two new Incursion rooms into the game: Torment Cells and Strongbox Chamber.

“You will be able to encounter these Incursion rooms just like any other room and they can be upgraded as usual. Torment Cells upgrades to Torture Cages, which upgrades to Sadist's Den. Strongbox Chamber upgrades to Hall of Locks, then Court of Sealed Death. Each room features what you'd expect: an Architect waiting to protect its home, plenty of monsters who will stop at nothing to kill you, and piles of loot should you successfully defeat the threats within.”

In Torment Cells, players go up against Tormented Spirits looking for a chance to possess their enemies. While in Strongbox Chamber, players will get the chance to open a variety of loot-filled strongboxes. The only catch is that they’re guarded by packs of powerful monsters. Whichever room you choose the loot you gain will be well-worth it. Like they say, “Nothing worth having comes easy.”

Check out the Path of Exile official forums for more info.