Path Of Exile Rolls Out Several Hotfixes For Echoes Of The Atlas Launch Issues

path of exile maven boss battle banner

It’s been five days since the Path of Exile Echoes of the Atlas expansion launch. And like most big releases, launch day didn’t go as smoothly as the developers would have liked. Since the expansion launched last Friday, players have been experiencing client crashes, disconnection issues, server timeouts, item duplication and/or destruction, and a whole host of bugs.

That being said, players still set a new peak concurrency record of more than 265,000 players on launch day, an 11% increase compared to their previous record of just over 237,000 players.

Grinding Gear Games has already deployed a series of small patches over the past few days to fix some of the issues and tweak several Ritual Challenge League-related things. The team will also be rolling out a bigger patch later this week that will require a realm restart. The patch will include fixes and improvements that can’t be implemented in a hotfix.

More information can be found on the Path of Exile official forums. You can also learn more about the Ritual Challenge League rewards in the video below.