Path Of Exile Unveils Expedition Expansion, Brings Back April Fool’s Royale Mode

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Grinding Gear Games has officially announced the official title and revealed the details about the next Path of Exile expansion, titled Expedition. The expansion brings with it the new Expedition Challenge League, 19 new Skill and Support Gems, four new Merchant NPCs, a long list of balance changes, a reworked class system, and new item types.

“In Path of Exile: Expedition, players encounter the Kalguur, who have traveled to Wraeclast to follow in the footsteps of their ancient settlers and to retrieve their lost artifacts. Players are asked to help retrieve these artifacts from marked Expedition sites where the Kalguur believe their ancestors have fallen. Players must strategically place a chain of explosives across the site and detonate them in order to unearth the remains of the fallen Kalguur, who rise as an undead army that must be defeated. Careful choices of where to place explosives will yield chests that might contain ancient runed artifacts.”

These ancient artifacts can be traded with the new merchants, with each merchant offering unique trading styles and personalities. There’s Rog the Dealer, Tujen the Haggler, Gwennen the Gambler, and their leader Dannig.

Players also have the chance to discover Logbooks that can be crafted to increase their value and difficulty or traded with other players. “Dannig can use these chronicles to take players to the locations they describe. At the much larger Expeditions, players must place a much longer series of explosives to unearth new formidable bosses and rewards,” explained Grinding Gear.

The team also announced the return of the new and improved Path of Exile: Royale, a popular mode that was released back in 2018 as an April Fool’s joke.

“This mode has a separate game balance from the core Path of Exile experience and introduces a new Royale-specific passive skill tree, low-level versions of many skill gems and unique endgame items made with the game mode in mind. Fans who experienced the original Royale mode in 2018 will notice additional improvements, including a better spectator mode, leaderboards, improved terrain, interface upgrades, flask-refreshing troves and more.”

The Expedition expansion arrives on July 23. Royale mode, however, is now live and will be available for 48 hours following the end of the livestream, which means that you’ll have roughly about 36 hours left as of this writing to jump in. The limited-time mode will then only be available during weekends for the duration of the Expedition League.

You can check out a preview of both the Expedition expansion and the Royale mode in the videos below.

Path of Exile: Expedition Official Trailer

Path of Exile: Royale (2021 Version)

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