Path Of Exile Will Be Addressing Bugs In Patch 3.11.1f Coming Out In The Next Few Weeks

path of exile skull cabinetsAs Grinding Gear Games scrambles to release the next Path of Exile League in time, they’re still setting aside time to fix bugs in the current version of the game. The developers are currently working on Patch 3.11.1f which will introduce a few quality of life improvements such as automatically changing the chat window to a Trade Chat channel when sending out messages with “WTS”.

The patch will also fix several known bugs including one that allowed players to access the Sacred Grove even in non-Harvest Leagues, a rare bug that prevented Conquerors from spawning in a player’s Atlas, a bug that caused black boxes to be rendered on top of objects, and client crashes when using Shield Charge or when taking a screenshot using the Vulkan renderer.

According to the devs, the patch should be rolling out in the next couple of weeks and will be deploying first on PC and then on consoles soon after. Additional details can be found in the full patch notes on the Path of Exile official forums.