PC Peripheral Maker Razer Enjoys Successful IPO

Razer Inc, perhaps the best known PC peripheral brand among gamers, is now a publicly traded company! Today's IPO has netted Razer over $500 million USD as shares climbed 18% on the first day of trading on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. That's enough to make founder and CEO Tan Min-Liang, who owns roughly 42% of the company, the world's latest billionaire according to the Blomberg Billionares Index.

Best known for their mice and keyboards, Razer has stepped up their game recently with the introduction of the Razer Blade gamer laptop and the more recent Razer Phone, and Android powered smartphone that boasts a 120hz refresh rate. We here at MMOs.com have used Razer products, particularly the Deathadder mouse and the BlackWidow Tournament Edition for years now. While the RGB craze as infected Razer pretty heavily, both products are still available in their standard, non visually grotesque variants.

Razer, which was founded in Singapore, isn't the only Southeast Asian gaming company to go public this year. Garena also held an IPO and trades on the New York Stock Exchange under the name Sea Ltd (SE). Seasoned gamers may have used the Garena platform to play games like DOTA.

An interesting article by QZ.com takes a look at who stands to make a windfall from Razer's IPO. Many well known investor kingpins in Southeast Asia were early investors in the hardware maker.

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