Perfect World Entertainment Has Been Renamed As Gearbox Publishing

gearbox publishing custom logo banner

In line with Embracer Group’s acquisition of Perfect World Entertainment in North America, video game and media holding company is renaming PWE’s North American arm as Gearbox Publishing.

Embracer officially acquired the publisher earlier this year along with its subsidiaries, including Cryptic Studios and Runic Games, and placed them under Gearbox’ umbrella where they continue to operate independently.

“Early in 2022, we were presented with a great opportunity to expand our horizons and extend our reach in the video game world. Our goal has always been to publish high-quality games that create lasting impressions, and Embracer Group has stepped up to help achieve this vision. Within Embracer, we’ve been placed in the loving care of the Gearbox Publishing wing of games, and we couldn’t be happier to join their family.”

PWE, now Gearbox Publishing, assures the community that the changes will merely be limited to branding changes such as a new logo and email. Everything else, including the staff and their portfolio, will remain the same.

“Rest assured, we’re the same dedicated team of gamers working on the same titles we had before. Despite the name change, our organization, employees, products, and passion remain – just with a new makeover,” said the team. “We’ll continue releasing content for our service titles like Neverwinter, Star Trek Online, and Have a Nice Death as we always have. Our previous releases, including games like Remnant: From the Ashes and the Torchlight trilogy, will remain under our umbrella, with more amazing new games to come!”

The full announcement can be found on the Gearbox Publishing’s new website.

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