Phoenix Labs’ New Interactive Roadmap Reveals Future Plans For Dauntless

dauntless slayers comic artDevelopment roadmaps are great for keeping fans interested in a game while letting them in on what’s going on behind the scenes. Phoenix Labs takes things one step further with an interactive roadmap for their monster-slaying game, Dauntless.

The interactive roadmap lists new and exciting features that players can look forward to in the near future such as loadout presets, a new and improved End of Hunt Screen, a new Mastery System, modular weapons, and equippable weapon specials. There’s also a massive campaign rework planned which should give players an easier time transitioning from the starting zones to the more difficult endgame zones.

“Quests, zones, and gear upgrades are all getting a major overhaul. Instead of the current system of ‘campaign vs Maelstrom,’ Slayers will experience a smooth progression from the Sheltered Frontier to the lands beyond. Quests will be restructured and Behemoth encounters will be assigned ‘threat levels,’ encouraging Slayers to learn and progress along a logical path.”

The roadmap also confirms that the game's console launch is still on track for this Summer while also teasing a possible mobile and Nintendo Switch port. You'll find the new interactive roadmap on the Dauntless official site.