Play As Dinosaurs In Upcoming Indie Survival MMORPG Path Of Titans

path of titans dinosaur survival mmorpg key art

Australian indie studio Alderon Games has announced a new survival MMORPG called Path of Titans that will take players back to the time of dinosaurs where they’ll get to play as one of the majestic reptiles.

“Admit it: you’ve secretly clung to that wish of becoming a dinosaur since you were six years old. Well, Alderon Games is about to make your dreams come true. This summer Alderon invites players to experience dinosaur life in Path of Titans, a fully cross-platform massively multiplayer survival game.”

Path of Titans features over 30 dinosaur species which players will be able to customize with subtle markings, various colors, skins, and alternate species for each genus. Up to 200 players and will be able to play together in 8km2 open world sandbox maps inhabited by a variety of AI creatures.

Like typical MMORPG’s, players will be able to take on quests, participate in in-game events, unlock achievements, and engage in various activities such as swimming, diving, and fishing. As players progress through the game, they’ll also earn attribute points that they can spend on abilities and attacks to tailor-fit their dino characters to their preferred playstyle.

“Customization is the most important element of Path of Titans,” said Alderon Games Co-Founder Matthew Cassells. “We want players to feel like they’re part of a vast sandbox where they can create a completely unique creature, from species to skins, colours, markings and personality. We are also building an extensive modding system so players can take an active role in shaping the future of the world.”

The game will also have mod support and will include powerful modding tools that players will be able to download and use for free.

Path of Titans is scheduled to start Closed Beta testing this summer on PC, Mac, Linux, consoles, and mobile devices with cross-platform support. Pre-orders are now available on the official site and are currently being offered at a 33% discount, starting at $20.10 for the base edition which includes access to both the PC and mobile versions of the game along with an exclusive backer skin.

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