Project Gorgon Working On Improving Visuals

project gorgonFantasy MMORPG Project Gorgon is still in its Alpha stage but development on the game seems to be coming along quite nicely. In a recent dev blog, the team says that they’re hard at work making Serbule look “better”. Project Gorgon developer Citan writes:

“This particular iteration of Serbule is focusing on three things: the textures and models in Serbule city (some of which are already live), the terrain (the grasses, trees, and so on), and the sky. We develop iteratively, so I'm not trying to make the "perfect Serbule" here, just a "better Serbule". And it turns out to be easy to make Serbule look better... the trick is making it look better AND have better framerate -- or at the very least, not-worse framerate.

Graphics work always seems to take vastly longer than I hope it will. Part of that is because it needs to be tested on lots of hardware -- and we don't have a full set of testing hardware, so we also have to try to "simulate" low-end machines, which requires some development work. But it's coming along, slowly but surely. Here's a few screenshots. They're a couple days old, and the game already looks a bit different from these, but it will give you an idea of where we are in the process.”

Check out the screenshots below.

The team is also working on the Brewing skill, which, due to its random nature, has gone through a number of changes and rewrites since the team first blogged about it last week.

Watch the official trailer below for a comparison of what the graphics used to look like a few months ago. You can also head over to the Project Gorgon official site for additional info.