Revelation Online Opens The Heavenly Gates Of Voras With Today’s Massive Skyward World Expansion

revelation online skyward world expansion bannerThe heavenly gates of Voras, the Skyfeather Kingdom, are now wide open with the official launch of the Revelation Online Skyward World free expansion today. Skyward World is the fantasy MMORPG’s biggest expansion to date and features new quests, a new 10-player demonic raid, new class abilities, new Battle Companions, cross-server weddings, and more.

“A new world brings new evil. One with seemingly limitless power, which will send players through time and space to avert it. In the War of the Wardens storyline, players will traverse 1,600 years of Nuanor’s history to help four of the Wardens, uncover the wicked secrets of the City of the Demon Gods, face off against dangerous new foes, and relive the battles of days gone by, to save the future!”

The expansion also introduces the new Book of Enchantments progression system, a revamped Achievement Sytem, improved UI, and an expanded newbie tutorial. The weekly Imperial Wars cross-server PvP battle has also been added to Voras. “Defend or attack during the scheduled skirmishes in this weekly event, where up to 300 players on both sides can clash in an attempt to outwit and outlast the enemy team!”, says the official press release. “Fight for control of four islands, including the Wild Realm, the Guardian Realm, the Noble Realm, and the Realm of Voras. Weekly events and special server titles will be available throughout the Imperial War.”

Check out the official update trailer after the jump. You can also head over to the Revelation Online official site for more details.