Rift's Subscription Server Rift Prime is Now Live!

The previously announced Rift subscription progression server Rift Prime officially launched today. To play on Prime players will need to purchase patron status with Trion Worlds which runs anywhere from $8.33 a month (full year paid upfront) to $14.99 (paid monthly). The main reason to play Rift Prime is to re-experience Rift the way it used to be from the start. On top of that, the Prime cash shop will ONLY sell cosmetics and other non-gameplay altering items so it should be much more fair than the live Rift service.

Vigil, the first RIFT Prime server, is scheduled to be open for at least one year. Upon the end of the progression server, players will be able to migrate their character to a RIFT Live server, keeping all of the progress, items and gear they have accumulated over their time playing through RIFT Prime.

Learn more about Rift Prime here.