Sci-fi Sandbox MMO Dual Universe Is Heading To Beta In August

dual universe horizon ship newsAfter a few years in pre-Alpha and Alpha testing, Dual Universe is finally heading to Beta on August 27th. Novaquark first announced the open world sci-fi MMO in 2016 promising a single-shard multi-planet sandbox PvP experience similar to EVE Online. The studio launched a Kickstarter campaign a few months later, netting them €560,000 in funds followed by an ongoing on-site crowdfunding campaign that has allowed them to raise over €21,000,000 from investors and backers to date.

According to Gamespot, access to the upcoming Beta will require players to pay a $6.99 monthly subscription fee. A three-month subscription will set you back $20.97, six months will be $36.44, and a year’s subscription will be $69.90. You can also jump into the Alpha right now for at least $60 if you’re interested.

Check out the new Dual Universe cinematic trailer brought to you by Gamespot.