Sea Of Thieves Reworks Cursed Sails Times And Timers In The Latest Update

sea of thieves cursed skeleton newsWe’ve all heard the saying that time is gold right? Well, Sea of Thieves is giving players more time and more chances of getting treasure with the latest Cursed Sails update 1.2.1.

“Pirate dominion over the waters is being challenged by crews of skeletons, united by their warped desire for vengeance on the living. Each region will be called out, so prepare to fight to protect your favourite Outposts! Form Alliances to share the rewards of co-operation, or perhaps the new three-person Brigantine ship will help to even the odds?”

As part of the update, Cursed Sails battle times have been reworked to allow players with minimal playing times to still take part in the event. “Players who can only play during fixed times will be able to battle for a different region each week,” says Rare. “For example, if this week your fixed playtime only allows you to encounter The Battle for the Shores of Plenty, next week you will encounter The Great Battle of the Ancient Isles during the same fixed playtime.”

The update also lengthens the time that treasure and Barrels of Plenty stay afloat, giving players more chances of finding treasure and resources even in the heat of battle. The battle cooldown timer and battle despawn timer has also been increased to give players more time to collect loot and to get back into the fight respectively.

There’s performance improvements and bug fixes. The Kraken will also be taking a sabbatical while performance issues are being sorted out. You’ll find the full patch notes on the Sea of Thieves official site. Meanwhile, you can watch Executive Producer Joe Neate talk about Cursed Sails and the latest update in the video below.