Sea Of Thieves Dev Video Talks About Toxicity, Cross-Play, & Upcoming Combat Improvments

sea of thieves piratesThe latest Sea of Thieves developer update talks about a number of things. On top of the list is toxicity and Rare’s efforts to implement stricter measures to prevent discrimination and toxic player behavior in the game. “Discrimination of any kind is unacceptable,” says Lead Developer Joe Neate. “If we receive evidence that players have been doing this, then we will take swift action.”

“When we see excuses or people going, ‘Oh well, this happens in other games,’ that’s nonsense. That is not an acceptable excuse. Be better!”

Joe also talks about cross-play and leveling the playing field which has been a hot topic for both console and PC players especially with the competitive mode, The Arena, looming on the horizon. The lead developer assures the community that the dev team is currently working on giving players an option to disable cross-play in The Arena as well as giving them the option to use a mouse and keyboard on consoles.

Finally, Joe goes over the planned combat improvements which will be rolling out with the February 6 update. The changes include tweaks and balances to the current weapons to encourage players to switch up their weapon preferences depending on the situation.

Check out the developer video in its entirety right after the break.