Sea Of Thieves Due For A Combat Revamp With The Next Update

sea of thieves mohawk ships wheelCombat in Sea of Thieves will be getting an overhaul when the next update rolls out according to Executive Producer Joe Neate. The update will go live on February 6th and will mainly be focused on game balances and on bug fixes with a big emphasis on combat systems. These include general tweaks, improvements, and adjustments to general combat, swordplay, hipfiring, weapon reload, bullet speed and damage, and much more.

Neate isn’t exactly very forthcoming about the upcoming changes, explaining that they’re still gathering player feedback through testing. He does, however, promise more details during the Inside Xbox episode on February 5th. Oh, and unless you didn’t know, the devs are still actively keeping an eye on cheaters and have been banning them left and right. Watch the developer update below.