Check Out The Trailer For The First Sea Of Thieves Content Update ‘The Hungering Deep’

sea of thieves hungering deep screen“The life of a pirate is fraught with danger.” Well, of course it is. Stealing, plundering, and drinking your way across the vast oceans of the world isn’t exactly the safest job in the world, especially in Sea of Thieves.

Not only do you have other pirates to contend with, you also have to be on the lookout for creatures lurking deep below the seemingly bottomless oceans. Never mind the Kraken, Rare has a far more sinister and menacing creature in store for you barnacled buccaneers when the first Sea of Thieves content update "The Hungering Deep" goes live.

And, who better to tell the tale than an old one-eyed, one-armed, wooden legged pirate who swears he’s seen the monster with his own eye. Watch the official trailer for The Hungering Deep right after the jump.