Sea Of Thieves Introduces ‘Open And Closed Crews’ System To Prevent Brig Abuse

sea of thieves open closed crewSea of Thieves is making it easier for you and your friends to sail leisurely out into the open seas without worrying about other players invading the privacy and sanctity of your ship, or throwing you into the brig just because they can. Today’s patch introduced the Open and Closed Crew system which will allow players to set their game to “Open” when they’re looking to play with the general public and “Closed” when they need alone time with their friends.

“This week's patch introduces the first version of a much requested feature, ‘Open and Closed Crews’! This feature provides players with greater control over how they assemble their crew with reserved slots that friends can join in whenever they’re ready. We hope this mitigates one of the key reasons for people misusing the brig and will be monitoring this closely!”

Rare will be rolling out additional functionality for the system sometime in the near future. This will include the ability to switch between Open and Closed on the fly and even block friends from joining for some serious alone time.

The update also includes a basic trading system, new sound effects, improved drop rates, in-game price changes, and invisible gamertags when swimming underwater. Now you can sneak up on other pirates without your gamertag giving you away. There’s also ui improvements, updated icons, and a ton of bug fixes. You’ll find the full patch notes here.

You can also check out the latest developer update after the break where Senior Producer Drew Stevens talks about the recent patch and other things that the Sea of Thieves team has been working on.