Sea Of Thieves Will Be Introducing Captaincy And Ship Customization In Season 7

sea of thieves pirate mmo season 7 captaincy key art

In the real world, the rank of captain is awarded to someone who fulfills the requirements of being able to command a sea vessel and its crew. In Sea of Thieves, the rank and title doesn’t exist and the role of “captain” is usually just unofficially awarded to a member of the crew or oftentimes not at all. The pirate MMO’s next season, however, will see the title formally added to the game.

“The long-awaited promise of Captaincy is soon to be fulfilled in Sea of Thieves. Season Seven arrives in July, and with it comes a whole set of Captaincy features that will not only allow you to name your ship and emblazon it on the crest for all to see, but customise the ship’s interior to your heart’s content and earn a whole host of new progression rewards too.”

But before that, Rare is celebrating the game’s 30 million player milestone with a Gold & Glory Weekend starting on June 17th. Players will earn double the gold and reputation points during the event along with increased Renown for all cashed-in treasures.

June will also see the addition of new content, including The Forsaken Hunter limited-time Adventure, new Pirate Emporium treasures, as well as various game improvements and fixes. In the meantime, you can find out more about the upcoming Captaincy feature in the new Season 7 trailer below. You can also head over to the Sea of Thieves official site for more info.

Captains of Adventure - Official Sea of Thieves Season Seven Trailer