Secret World Legends Game Director Romain ‘Tilty’ Amiel Bids Farewell To Funcom

secret world legends shrineSecret World Legends Game Director Romain “Tilty” Amiel has left Funcom after 11 years with the Norwegian game development company. Amiel bids the Funcom community farewell on the official forums:

“Today was my last day at Funcom. After almost 11 years (8 of these on TSW!), I’ve decided to follow up on other opportunities.

My top priorities over the last few months was always to ensure the proper release and quality of Dawn of the Morninglight. I’m really glad this went well and it seems that you’ve all been enjoying the new content (even if it felt a bit short… I know!).”

Amiel has passed the torch over to Chris “Nirvell” Meredith’s very capable hands. “Chris has always been a source of great ideas, and I have no doubts that he will take good care of the game and of you guys, the best community any MMO ever had,” says Amiel. “It’s been an absolute pleasure sharing this universe with all of you! And remember the teachings of Marquard: 'We are all made of Stars!'"