Star Citizen 3.0 Production Schedule & Free Weekend Announced

On April 14, 2017 Star Citizen published a highly detailed schedule report for the 3.0 Planetary Tech update. The web post was accompanied by a bizarre 20 minute video that goes into the minutia of the development team's internal project management system. I'm not sure who such a video is aimed at, but the dialogue reminded me of the dystopian science fiction film Brazil about a bureaucracy gone amok.

While a list of caveats at the top of the schedule indicate that all dates are estimates subject to change, some major gameplay features to look forward to in the year ahead include:

  • Player Manned Turrets - ETA June 8
  • Pick Up & Carry - Players will be able to manually load & unload cargo. ETA May 25
  • Item 2.0 - Available Ships & Items will be converted to the new system throughout the year.
  • Insurance - Ship insurance where players are compensated for ships beyond repair by insurance providers. ETA May 5
  • Stamina - Stamina system where actions such as sprinting drain stamina, causing loss of breath and difficulty aiming weapons. ETA May 31
  • Doors & Airlocks - Updating the intelligence of doors & airlocks so they remain closed if the room is depressurized. May 31
  • And Much More - Many other small features including improvements to Repair, Inventory System, etc throughout the year.

My biggest gripe with both the Production Report and accompanying video is the sheer information overload. Star Citizen still has many dedicated followers so I'm sure there is an audience for this level of detailed backend updates, but the rest of us can just skip past all that to the Free Weekend!

Starting April 14th and running until April 18th, players will be able to download the current client which clocks in at over 32 GB and take Star Citizen for a test drive. Free players will get to fly one of the game's flagship ships: The F7CM Anvil Super Hornet.

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