Star Citizen addresses Studio finances amidst Rumors

Star Citizen is always a hot topic for drama these days. The crowd-funded sci-fi space sim was due to release in 2014, but has been delayed for three years already. As a result, rumors have spread across the internet, from the idea that the game is not coming out to that Star Citizen is in debt and is now owned by a U.K. bank because they took out a loan.

Well, while we still aren't exactly sure when Star Citizen isn't coming out, that second one (being owned by a bank), definitely isn't true. Star Citizen's devs took to their forums to address exactly why this taken out.

 We obviously incur a significant part of our expenditures in GBP while our collections are mostly in USD and EUR.  Given today's low interest rates versus the ongoing and uncertain currency fluctuations, this is simply a smart money management move, which we implemented upon recommendation of our financial advisers.

You can read the full response in the link above, but this should definitely alleviate people's fears that Star Citizen is gone and they will not be able to get their money back.

As for the game being released, that is a different story altogether.