Star Citizen Developer Cloud Imperium Games And Crytek Have Agreed To Settle Two-Year Old Lawsuit

After two years, Star Citizen developer Cloud Imperium Games and Crytek have finally agreed to settle their differences. Crytek filed a lawsuit against Cloud Imperium Games in December 2017 over CIG’s alleged breach of contract on the use of their proprietary CryEngine.

Apparently, Crytek only gave CIG license to use the engine for Star Citizen. The project, however, eventually evolved into two separate titles, namely: Star Citizen and a standalone single-player game called Squadron 42, both of which used Crytek's engine. Cloud Imperium later switched Squadron 42 to Amazon's Lumberyard engine to avoid any legal fallout and even requested for a dismissal of the case.

Both parties have now come to an agreement and are currently working to document to terms of the settlement. The details of the settlement agreement have yet to be released.