Star Citizen Gets Official Release Date - Launching April 15th, New $79,000 Ships For Sale

Cloud Imperium Games announced today that Star Citizen will be launching on April 15th, 2018 with its full MMO module and all other promised features. To celebrate the official launch of the game, the game will be selling special limited edition Corsair X900 Capital ships for $79,000 each (50% off their regular price and with a special limited time insignia). Cloud Imperium Games also announced a special financing arrangement with Bank of America, so customers who want to mortgage their home to purchase the Corsair X900 can do so at a lower than normal interest rate.

Chris Roberts, CEO of Cloud of Imperium Games and head honcho behind Star Citizen stated "We're been working on developing Star Citizen for over 5 years now and I'm incredibly proud of what my team has accomplished in such a short time frame. While we haven't shown off the MMO module during alpha, we've been testing it extensively in private and I think everyone will be blown away when they see it in action."

Derek Smart, longtime critic of Star Citizen and chairman of the Chris Roberts hate club, was blown away after getting a chance to play the release build of Star Citizen. So much so that he simply tweeted to Chris Roberts "GGWP" and promised to livestream himself eating his hat on April 15th, the game's launch date.

Personally I'm surprised to see Star Citizen announce a firm release date. It's quite astonishing how quickly they're transitioning from Alpha to full release as Alpha 3.1 was just announced recently. Expect a first look for this one on the 15th!