Star Citizen Raises $46M In Funding From Outside Investors Valuing Company at $460M

Chris Roberts announced today that Cloud Imperium Games, the studio behind Star Citizen, raised $46M in funding from a private investor valuing his enterprise at $460M. Alongside the fundraising announcement Roberts revealed that Star Citizen's single player title Squadron 42 will be released sometime in the summer of 2020. No word on when the game's persistent universe is set to launch and there's no estimate available from Chris Roberts.

“We are building two of the most ambitious games ever embarked on in gaming,” Roberts said in today’s statement, drawing a firm distinction between the single-player and multiplayer experiences, “with budgets that are unmatched by all but the very biggest projects.”

Cloud Imperium Games also took a big step towards greater transparency by releasing financial data dating back to 2012 outlining revenues (mostly pledges) and expenses. Even after bringing in an outside investor, Chris Roberts still owns the majority of his company and continues to call the shots.

Star Citizen Total Revenue (Pledges, Subscriptions, and Other Revenue)

Cloud Imperium Total Expenses:

While I'm still skeptical about Cloud Imperium Games' ability to deliver a persistent universe MMO, this is a big step towards legitimacy. It's also interesting that we now have a release date for Squadron 42 but we don't have anything for the MMO version. My guess is that the persistent universe version will launch sometime after Squadron 42 (if ever).

Source: Cloud Imperium Financials