Star Citizen Shows off New 3.0 Trailer, details changes

Star Citizen, also known as "Hey, wasn't that game supposed to come out a few years ago?", has revealed its changelog for Version 3.0.0! On top of that, a trailer for Star Citizen's Alpha 3.0 has been released as well - and to be fair, it really does look rather amazing, despite many people being tired of its persistent in-development status. Some of the major updates in this change log include-

  • More character customization
  • User Interface updates
  • Massive Planetary updates
  • Additions of Derelict Ships - new points of interest
  • More balance changes than you can shake a stick at!

Seriously, there are lot of them. A new RSI Aurora, Klaus and Werner Gallant Rifle rework, Arrowhead Sniper rework, KSAR Devastator-12 Shotgun rework. You can check all of them out here, and catch the trailer for Alpha 3.0 down below!