Star Citizen Will Kick Off Its First Server-Wide Dynamic Event Sometime This Week

star citizen space station assault bannerJust before the weekend, Cloud Imperium Games rolled out the Star Citizen Alpha 3.12 update that introduces a host of new features to the sci-fi space simulation MMO. The update, called Assault on Stanton features the addition of refinery decks, gas clouds, and a dynamic events system.

According to a recent press release, the dynamic events system will be put to use for the first time sometime this week with a dynamic server-wide event that will task players with helping the UEE Navy fight against the XenoThreat terrorist group. The event will feature large-scale capital ship battles and will be divided into multiple phases that will span several days. The duration of the event will be based on player participation and progress.

Cloud Imperium has yet to announce the exact start date for the event but the studio advises players to monitor the game’s official Facebook and Twitter pages. Players should also keep an eye out for the Civilian Defense Force NPC that will appear with the start of the event.

Check out the official Assault on Stanton trailer below.

Star Citizen: Alpha 3.12 - Assault on Stanton