Star Citizen's 3.0 Alpha Could be Delayed According to Developers

Star Citizen and delays go together like peanut butter and jelly. Or, peanut butter and chocolate if you prefer that. All jokes aside, it appears that the launch of Star Citizen's 3.0 Alpha could be delayed, according to a scheduled report from the developers.

Reddit was quick to start to break down the report, with user JK3Farden being a sort of bridge between the long-form production schedule report, and the Star Citizen subreddit. JK3Farden starts off by reporting on usual features you might expect to find in the report. - a pistol rework has been delayed. The Vehicle Customizer App has been delayed. So has the Comms System UI. The Mission System is still under work, with an additional 2 weeks required.

There's a trend here - and JK3Farden summarizes it best.

On the Global Progress Watch, there isn't a lot interesting happening. All delays observed are replicates of the 3.0.0 delays, and no task has been completed this week. One thing to observe is that none of the tasks that aren't in the 3.0.0 schedule were delayed since the start of the Global Progress Watch. This probably means that there isn't any overview from CIG on what's out of 3.0.0 (at least on the schedule we're given), and tasks that are marked as completed may not actually be. I think we'll have a huge rebalance of the Global Schedule once 3.0.0 is released.

In addition, user Bimelion wrote about an interesting trend that has started to happen with Star Citizen's production cycle.

There seems to be an interesting pattern:

  • Week A: delay critical tasks, add a few fluff tasks, do not delay overall launch prediction. Sales are usually held during these weeks.
  • Week B: close a few fluff tasks to convey an image of progress, delay the overall launch prediction for two weeks

This can go on a very long time and keep backers happy, as we have now seen with already more than doubled time from 3.0 June prediction. 

But people are starting to notice.

Normally, Star Citizen being delayed is nothing new. The game has been in-development and without an official release date for quite a while. Despite this, the game has built up quite a following and a fanbase, who are all eager and excited to play the game once it officially releases. However, with Gamescom 2017 coming up, could news of delays piling up hurt Star Citizen? Only time will tell.