Steven Seagal Joins The World of Warships Team


World of Warships developer, Wargaming, has brought on a personal Heroic Battle advisor to help bring the game into epicness. Who better to fill the role than someone who’s already epic in their own right, no other than Hollywood actor and martial artist, Steven Seagal.

According to the studio, Seagal will be working closely with the development studio and scrutinizing all the ships featured in the game to make sure that they’re worthy of the title Hero.

Wargaming is proud to announce that Steven Seagal is now the World of Warships’ personal Heroic Battle Advisor. His resume speaks for itself: he’s a man who’s hard to kill, always out for justice, and willing to make an executive decision. With numerous victories against the odds under his belt (and as a guy who knows a thing or two about warships), Steven is the only man up to the task.”

Check out the latest World of Warships update trailer below or head on over to the Wargaming official site for more Steven Seagal epicness.