Steven Seagal Joins The World of Warships Team

World of Warships developer, Wargaming, has brought on a personal Heroic Battle advisor to help bring the game into epicness. Who better to fill the role than someone who’s already epic in their own right, no other than Hollywood actor and martial artist, Steven Seagal. According to the studio, Seagal will be working closely with the development studio and scrutinizing [...]

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April Fool's Day Is Here Again

April 1st. The day you begin to question what is a real announcement and what isn't. The day that so many unique ideas are put into games for only a few days, just to be removed right after. April Fool's Day is back and MMO developers have spared no expense this year. We've got War Thunder's 18th century ships that [...]

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Soviet Cruisers Arrive In World Of Warships

Wargaming announced today that the Soviet tech tree has been introduced in World of Warships, bringing with it nine Soviet cruisers. The nine cruisers introduced are as follows. Tier II Russian cruiser Novik Tier III Russian cruiser Bogatyr Tier IV Russian cruiser Svetlana Tier V Russian cruiser Kirov Tier VI Russian cruiser Budyonny Tier VII Russian cruiser Schors Tier VIII Russian cruiser Chapaev Tier IX Russian [...]

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