Tanki X To Go Live On Steam Early Access On April 20th

Following up on Tanki Online's Steam release last month, AlternativaPlatform announced today that its Tanki Online successor, Tanki X, will be launching on Steam Early Access on April 20th. Tanki X originally entered Open Beta on September 15th as a direct download that was made available exclusively via the official website, but those who would prefer to remain in the Steam ecosystem will soon be able to join in on the fast-paced tank combat.

Tanki Online is a ridiculously popular game, boasting more than 45,000 concurrent users at peak every day and more than 5,000 concurrent users even at its lowest point in the day. However, it has failed to attract a sizable audience on Steam thus far, boasting an average concurrent user count of around 150. While we don't have any data for Tanki X, as the player count is not readily available on the official website as it is with Tanki Online, perhaps the more modern, Unity-powered spiritual successor to the wildly popular Flash-based tank combat game will find more success on Steam.

Tanki X Product Manager Vladimir Beletsky had the following to say about the announcement.

This is an important and exciting moment for the company. Steam users are very diverse in terms of demographics and game preferences, so we expect to attract a broad audience to Tanki X. It is really important to get feedback as we continue releasing updates and optimizing Tanki X. Knowing which are fun and which are the disturbing parts of the game, will allow us to improve it more effectively and accelerate the development process, as a result.

You can read more about Tanki X's upcoming Steam Early Access launch on the Steam store page.