Tencent Subsidiary Announces New Post-Apocalyptic Co-op Game ‘Undawn’

undawn key art bannerLightspeed & Quantum Studios, a Tencent subsidiary and internal development studio and the developer of PUBG Mobile, has just announced a new multiplayer survival game titled Undawn. The studio touts the game as a UE4 post-apocalyptic open-world co-op game with survival mechanics.

“The world has been overrun by zombies, and it’s your job to survive and thrive in this hellish landscape. Combining both Player vs Player (PvP) and Player vs Environment (PvE) gameplay, Undawn is a fresh take on the open world survival experience. To survive in this huge environment, players will scavenge resources, craft better supplies and weapons, and battle with enemies both undead and very much alive. To thrive, players must band together with others to build unique shelters, trade resources, and stake out a homestead to protect themselves from the rampaging undead.”

Undawn is expected to launch later this year on PC and mobile devices. You can take a peek at the upcoming game in the cinematic teaser below. You can also head over to the game’s official site for more info.

Undawn - Official teaser trailer (from PUBG Mobile developer)