Tencent To Publish Deformers, Paladins, Paragon, And Rocket League In China

Tencent announced yesterday at its Tencent UP press conference that, among others, it will be publishing Deformers, Paladins, Paragon, and Rocket League in China. We were unable to attend the conference ourselves, but fortunately, Niko Partners industry analyst Daniel Ahmad has us covered.

Some of these announcements are fairly unsurprising. Tencent already publishes Smite in China, so it would make sense it would also be the one to publish Paladins in China. It also has a 40% stake in Epic Games, so we would all expect it to be Paragon's Chinese publisher. Rocket League is an extremely popular competitive sports game that is still regularly in Steam's top 10 games in terms of concurrent users, so I'm personally not surprised that Tencent sought to obtain the license to publish it in China.

I am, however, surprised that the company obtained the license to the as-yet unproven Deformers. It's a $30 game and the mode that I personally found most fun was the one that largely copied Rocket League's basic format. While there's a chance that it will do well here when it launches in about 12 hours, I'm not entirely sure.

Regardless, these four titles will be published by Tencent. However, as of this writing, only Rocket League has an official Chinese website. Unsurprisingly, it was announced that the Chinese version of Rocket League will be free to play, supported by a cash shop.

No release dates have been specified for the Chinese versions of any of these titles.