TERA: Open World Missions Now Available With The Guardian Legion Update

tera guardian legion blacksmithCalling all max-level TERA players! The Valkyon Federation is looking for fresh recruits to join the elite ranks of the Guardian Legion and take on the mysterious new threat called the Red Raiders.

With the release of today’s Guardian Legion update, players can now work together to complete open-world missions and earn points which can be exchanged for reward boxes and upgrade/enchanting materials. Getting in on the action is simple enough. You don’t even have to be in a group. Just teleport straight to a “hot-spot” and decimate anything that gets in your way. Rinse and repeat.

The update also comes with a few minor class tweaks and balances including Slayers and Warriors, both of which got buffed up a bit. Gameplay systems have also been streamlined. These include changes to kick voting, and UI improvements, along with the customary bug fixes.

Check out the full patch notes on the TERA official site. Happy hunting!