theHunter Gets Tobii Eye Tracking Support

As an in-depth simulator, it only seems natural at this point that theHunter would provide support for some sort of immersion-enhancing peripheral. Many space simulators in recent times have supported TrackIR, while some games are beginning to support the Omni. Quite a few options exist now and Avalanche Studios and Expansive Worlds have gone with the eye tracking peripheral called the Tobii EyeX.

This new addition to the game is called "Infinite Screen" by the developers. It allows you "explore the territory freely" without being restricted by your monitor's size. Examples of how this new mechanic works given on the official theHunter page on the Tobii website include being able to free look without switching to it in-game, with your eye movements determining where your character looks, or closing one eye to bring your scope up automatically.

It's quite an interesting new addition. As you can see in the video above, it looks like a great new way to control the game, although I have concerns about accuracy when using eye tracking, as accuracy is paramount in a game like theHunter. No matter, even if you use the mouse to aim, eye tracking, like TrackIR before it, could very well increase immersion by quite a bit.

Prospective buyers can head over to the link above and use the code "TheHunter" to get $40 off of the normal price and some in-game items for theHunter, as well.